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Is BMC Resin Composite Manhole Cover Still Available?

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At present, we know that the best resin composite well cover / FRP well cover is nothing but SMC material, because there is no reinforcement, the density of the product itself is large, and the experimental cutting section does not contain reinforcement, which is different from BMC, because the difference in production process makes the market price and quality of BMC well cover with reinforcement material increase vary, so is BMC well cover worth choosing?
Through the product test load: the BMC composite well cover produced by high temperature and high pressure is made of BMC group mold plastic and reinforced framework, and the test load reaches f400kn (80t); The high load (50kn-900kn) SMC composite well cover produced by hz-smc sheet molding plastic is used, and the test load is up to f900kn (180t); according to Item 4 of inspection well cover (GB / t23858-2009), the well cover is divided into six grades according to the service environment of bearing capacity:
Group I: (A15 type is selected as the minimum): green belt, sidewalk and other areas where motor vehicles are not allowed to enter. Capable of bearing 15 tons
Group II: (B125 type is selected as the minimum): sidewalk, non motor vehicle, car parking lot and underground parking lot. Can bear 25 tons
The third group: (C250 type is selected as the minimum): residential area, back street lane, area only driven by light vehicles or small cars, within 0.5m of curbs on both sides of the road. Capable of bearing 50 tons
Group 4: (D400 type is selected as the minimum): urban main roads, highways, expressways and other areas. Can bear 80 tons
The fifth group: (the minimum selection is E600 type): freight station, wharf, airport and other areas. Capable of bearing 120 tons
Group 6: (f900 type is selected as the minimum): airport runway and other areas can bear 180 tons
Therefore, it can be seen from the above that the first group to the fourth group can completely use BMC manhole cover. It is not that BMC well covers cannot be used, but it is necessary to select the right use environment and the corresponding load. Originally, the road in the living area is very narrow, and the subgrade is not as heavy as the truck on our road, not only the well covers are easy to be crushed, but also the subgrade. Therefore, choose and deal with SMC and BMC products rationally and correctly, spend the least money and do the most practical things
BMC manhole cover.
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