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The Difference Between BMC Manhole Cover and Iron Manhole Cover

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Comparison of BMC well cover material with traditional cast iron well cover product
BMC's manhole cover is made of resin and fiberglass, with a reinforced frame inside.
Compared with the traditional cast iron well cover, the BMC material has greater ductility and economic benefits, so it has many advantages.
1. Corrosion protection: it will not rust because the surface is coated with pure resin. Anti acid, alkali, anti-corrosion water or dust.
2. Light weight: the weight is 1 / 3 lighter than that of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. It's easier to build, but it also reduces the intensity of work.
3. Prevention of theft: BMC's manhole cover is non-metallic, non-conductive and non-magnetic, so it has no recycling value and completely solves the problem of theft.
4. Low noise: when the product is shaped at high temperature, the gap between the frame and the cover is very small. In addition, the noise is low when the car rolls over the manhole cover.
5. General temperature use: the composite well cover can be used in a wide range of - 40-c-200 ℃.
6. Long term service life: the service life is 10 years, no maintenance due to its anti-corrosion, no value recovery.
7. Practical economy: the BMC manhole cover is a low-cost one-time investment. Over 30 years of service life without maintenance, the overall economic efficiency is much better than the use of carbon steel.
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