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Resin Composite Sewage Cover Is An Ideal Substitute For Cast

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Why is composite manhole cover an ideal substitute for cast iron sewage cover?
First of all, the material difference. Although the cast iron manhole cover has a long history of use, in the past, the load capacity of the cast iron manhole cover is not in doubt, because there were not so many overweight trucks, not so many private off-road vehicles, occasionally military vehicles or even tanks and cannons. In the past, many road subgrades were paved one by one with large rocks Those who dig canals and pave roads are all unsung heroes. In the past, there was no standard for well covers, but they were very thick. Some of them could even be used to cover the gunfire. As long as the well covers were properly protected, once the construction of well covers was not damaged, even for decades or even a hundred years, there would be no problem.
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But now, why do we say that an industrial plastic product will replace the cast iron manhole cover? In fact, this statement is not absolute. It is aimed at products of the same standard, because we all know that at present, the cost of steel and metal is expensive, and the labor cost is also high. At this stage, our city is developing too fast, many urban roads are not immutable, and the design life of roads in some regional departments is only 5-10 years. In 10 years, we may change the way to build bridges, lay subway.
Nowadays most of our urban environmental roads are built with limited conditions and regulations. What kind of roads are allowed to drive and what kind of vehicles are allowed to drive? such as sidewalks, roadside drains, sewage, electricity, and lines of living communities for the cable signal ditch cover, the integrated cast iron is not conducive to management, so it is better to solve the problem fundamentally by investing a lot of management funds to prevent theft;
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In the current smelting process, many manufacturers can't really control the content of sulfur and phosphorus elements, which makes the strength of cast iron well cover much weaker than expected in the cold and hot weather environment, becoming more vulnerable to damage and shortening the service life. It is advisable to choose composite manhole covers.
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