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How To Install The Composite Sewage Cover Correctly

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After the stone is paved and compacted, install) to ensure the installation quality of well cover to extend the use.
The composite well cover is widely used because of its wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rust free, pollution-free, maintenance free and other advantages. Here are the correct installation steps of the composite well cover.
1. Before installation, the foundation of well cover shall be neat and firm, and the inner diameter, length and width shall be determined according to the size of well cover.
2. When installing the composite well cover on the cement road surface, it should be noted that the masonry at the wellhead should be well poured with concrete, and a concrete protection ring should be established around the periphery for about 10 days.
3. When installing the composite well cover on the asphalt pavement, pay attention to avoid the construction machinery directly rolling the well cover and well seat to avoid damage.
4. In order to keep the well cover beautiful and clear of handwriting and pattern, pay attention not to dirty the well cover when pouring asphalt and cement on the road surface.
Although the composite sewage cover has good impact resistance and tensile strength, it should also be installed in accordance with the correct installation steps. I hope the above brief will help you.
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