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GRP Manhole Cover With Anti-Theft Design

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GRP manhole covers are so popular that their comprehensive performance and economic indicators have surpassed those of cast iton manhol covers, and they can solve the problem of theft of cast iton manhole covers. At the same time, they can reduce the consumption of resources. It has important economic and social value. The resin manhole has the advantages of light weight, high strength, simple molding, low rolling noise, good chemical corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, beautiful appearance, etc. It has the advantages thatthe cast iton manhole cover does not have. The GRP manhole cover has beautiful surface pattern design, bright and adjustable color. light weight, no recovery value of resin inspsection cover, nature anti-theft, resin inspection manhole cover through scientific formula, advance technology, perfect technical equipment to make the product can be used normally in -50 ° C - + 150 ° C environment, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, vehicle rolling resistance, long service life, in line with the resin manhole cover standard.
GRP manhole cover
In public places, the cover products often have security problems and are easy to be stolen. GRP is made of composite materials and has no recycling value. It can effectively achieve the anti-effect and has far-reaching social benefits.
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