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What Is A Five-Proof Composite Manhole Cover?

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1. Sound insulation: Machining the contact surface between the composite manhole cover and the well ring to make it more consistent and noiseless.
2. Non-slip: The surface of the well cover is diamond-shaped. The structure of the inspection well ring is connected by a ring, and the surface of the ring mouth is provided with a cross protrusion to increase the wear resistance of the asphalt base material after the auxiliary road and the ring.
3. Anti-displacement: As the well ring and the ground are fixed with anchor bolts (fixed as shown in the small circular hole in the figure) to check that the well cover is under construction, and the orifice ring opening will not be staggered due to roller compaction to achieve standard construction.
4. Anti-fall: Added five anti-inspection manhole covers, which include anti-fall nets to prevent personnel or other objects from falling due to the loss of the manhole cover and causing personal injury.
5. Anti-theft: The manhole cover is equipped with an anti-theft black box under the well circle. The folding plate is opened and the anti-theft chain is replaced, which completely plays the role of anti-theft.
composite manhole cover
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