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Composite Manhole Cover Perfect Performance And High Capacity

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The performance of polymer composite manhole cover is better than that of common material manhole cover.
composite manhole cover
Generally speaking, polymer composite manhole cover is made of high performance modified SMC sheet by high temperature molding. It has passed the test of national authority department and national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center. The maximum bearing capacity is more than 90 tons (for airport runway only). Other indexes are higher than domestic similar products, reaching the international en124 standard. It is suitable for fast lane and urban trunk road. The bearing capacity of polymer composite manhole cover is equivalent to that of ductile iron manhole cover.
But the composite resin manhole cover has a major feature is anti-theft, because its recycling value is very low, of course, the price is relatively low. In the road or load-bearing place, the bearing capacity of polymer composite manhole cover is very good.
Polymer composite manhole cover is a new product in the market, which is suitable for mechanical automation production. The bearing capacity, safety, economy, corrosion resistance and decoration of manhole cover are combined. The bearing capacity of manhole cover is more than 50 tons. It is the only composite manhole cover that can completely replace nodular cast iron manhole cover at present. But it started late, accounting for only a small part of the market. There are many kinds of manhole cover materials, but from the perspective of product development maturity, the proportion of ductile iron manhole cover in the market is also large.
Polymer composite manhole cover has good bearing capacity and low price. Therefore, it still has great development space in the future.
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