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Why SMC Resin Manhole Cover Is The Barrier To Protect Our Safety

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SMC resin manhole cover is usually packed in bulk or with packing tape. Strapping is the most commonly used packing method for manhole covers, that is, the resin manhole covers are strapped with ropes. However, if it is a special shaped resin manhole cover, we recommend that you lock it with screws to make it stable. Thread locking is fixed by four screws through the hole diameter of the resin manhole cover, so that the relatively stable resin manhole cover is not easy to slide, and the protection of the product is not damaged during transportation.
SMC manhole cover
SMC resin manhole cover protection measures:
The raw materials of SMC resin manhole cover are unsaturated resin, glass fiber and internal reinforcement framework, and the tree age of reinforcement framework is small. However, after scientific typesetting and combined with polymer materials, the hardness of the resin manhole cover is very high, so the structure and composition of the manhole  cover will not be stolen basically, because the resin manhole cover can only be used as the manhole cover after production, and does not need to be used as other items, and the number of manhole covers is large, the volume of the steel skeleton is small, and the density of the resin manhole cover is high, so it is difficult to take out the metal in the manhole cover, and there is no secondary damage Recycling value, with high anti-theft ability.
The resin manhole cover is a protective barrier for us. It can pass through the manhole cover safely without worrying about whether the manhole cover is still around. In other words, resin manhole cover is the quality inspection of resin manhole cover in our life, which can effectively protect our travel safety.
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