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600x600mm B125 SMC Resin Manhole Cover With Standard Quality

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SMC manhole cover
Rubber sealing has better shockproof and airtight performance.
Two vented holes are designed for the cover’s easy lifting.
Customer logo, inscriptions and cover customized design service is supported.
Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materieals Co., Ltd. produce SMC manhole cover, telecom cover, trench cover and trench cover. With rich experience and also have mature professional technical. We follow up EN124 standard.
Performance of SMC manhole cover 600x600 B125, pls let me introduce it:
Corrosion resistance and anti-aging, resistant to any harsh weather conditions.
The properties of the fiberglass themselves support the manhole covers with excellent temperature resistance(can be used at -50~150℃), chemical resistance (acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, etc) and dimensional stability (very low coefficient of thermal expansion.)
Environmental-friendly. The raw materials used are halogen-free, SMC is non-toxic products. The reasonable structural design solves the noise problem caused by the impact between the cover and the frame.
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