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Composite Water Grate Made In Shandong Province

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Generally, water grating are marked with "sewage", while rainwater grating are marked with "rain". These are the entrance shapes of some common rainwater grates. It is very important to choose the right rain grate, and the choice of high quality rain grate is more important. There are many kinds of rain grates with good drainage effect. The leakage area is more than 80%, which is more than twice that of cast iron. Beautiful appearance, simple lines, silver appearance, maintenance free, replacement free. It also has anti-theft design, can be hinged with the cover and frame, anti-theft, safe and easy to open. It also saves investment. It is cheaper than cast iron and saves the cost of stolen or crushed replacement. Its high strength and toughness are much higher than that of cast iron. It is suitable for large span and heavy load environment such as wharf and airport.
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