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Advantages of Cable Trench Cover

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The key function of the cable trench cover is that the cable is used as the back cover in the whole process of the capital construction. But in fact, what we used before was not the product, and the originally used product was not as good as the new product because of the characteristics at all levels, so this kind of trench cover was just used this morning.
cable trench cover
1. High polymer materials are used. It is made by high temperature die, so in our daily life, it belongs to the commodity without secondary use value. Of course, its anti-theft feature is also a very obvious advantage.
2. Compared with the same industry, the net weight of products of the same specification and model is only one third of that of cast iron cable trench cover, which is very convenient for installation, inspection and maintenance, and can produce cable trench cover of different specifications and models according to the requirements of customers.
3. Because in the case of application, the characteristics of strong acid and strong alkali etching are relatively good, and it is not easy to rust in the case of application, and it has excellent dielectric strength, so the actual effect is very good in the case of specific application.
4. Because the product is formed after high temperature in production, the gap between the cover seat is more expensive, so even if people step into it, it will make a noise. Therefore, many industrial plants will use this kind of back cover plate.
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