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Composite Manhole Cover Is an Ideal Choice for Corrosion Resistance

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Sewers and wastewater systems can be highly corrosive. Hydrogen sulfide gas is usually found in these systems. It is corrosive, very toxic, heavier than air, flammable and even explosive.
When dissolved in water, it becomes a weak acid, called hydrosulphuric acid or sulfuric acid.
Odor control is considered in the design of the composite cover. These composite covers are manufactured with better sealing and help to control odor. Composite manhole cover is also an ideal choice for residential environment. These composite manhole covers solve the manhole problems of resorts, hotels and entertainment areas. Many engineers and facility managers have been using composite covers in parks and recreation areas, shopping malls, shopping malls, high-density development areas, water parks, beaches, trailer parks, campsites and even all inclusive island resorts. Sealed manhole covers and frames can help reduce odors. Additional odor reduction can be achieved by using the manhole seal kit.
Composite manhole covers and frames are ideal for the most corrosive environments in municipal collection systems, sewers and industrial pretreatment applications. Sulfide rich wastewater is common in these humid and warm environments. When heat and humidity are combined with long retention time, ideal conditions of microbial induced corrosion (MIC) are produced. The mic could eventually destroy most of the sewer infrastructure, but not composite manhole covers or FRP manholes. This inherent corrosion resistance makes composite (FRP) covers ideal for outlet wells, outfalls, industrial pretreatment, industrial processes, equalization tanks, storage tanks and basins.
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