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How to Test The Performance of Manhole Cover?

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Manhole cover is a product often used in our city. Before it is put into the market for purchase and use, it needs to be tested for its performance, and can be purchased, installed and used by users after it is qualified and up to standard. Otherwise, the manhole cover with unqualified performance will be installed and used, which will cause various dangerous events.
In our city, we can see a lot of round iron covers, which play a very important role on our roads, so we are very important for its performance testing before use. The manhole cover shall be subjected to continuous cracking and the load specified in the given table for at least 30 seconds during the load test. Therefore, the manhole covers that we usually see on the road have been tested for performance, so we can safely press them over without worrying about whether they will suddenly fall down.
manhole cover
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