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FRP grating
Glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) grating is a kind of plate-shaped material with many blanks, which is made of glass fiber as reinforcement material and unsaturated polyester resin as matrix through special processing.
The application of grille shows the diversity and plasticity of grille from the grille board to metal grating and aluminum grating.And grating can be used a lot of buildings, because grille with shading, ventilation and beautiful with the characteristics of plasticity, has prompted many architectural designer grating is widely used as building exterior and window along the cover
Features of FRP grating:
Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and high strength
Flame retardant, insulation and safety
Anti skid, anti-aging and long service life
It has strong design-ability
FRP grating color:
FRP grating size: according to customer requirements, flexible and diverse, convenient for cutting and stable size.
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