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Gray Color SMC Manhole Cover Delivery Picture

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SMC manhole cover
A15: Areas which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cycles.
B125: Pedestrian, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks.
C250: For gully tops installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads which when measured from the kerb edge, extend to a maximum of 0.5m into the carriageway and a maximum of 0.2m into the pedestrian.
D400: Carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of roads or vehicles.
Composite manhole cover is also called SMC manhole cover, polymer manhole cover, anti-theft manhole cover,etc.
SMC manhole cover made by unsaturated resin as the base material and long fiber glass reinforced resin manhole covers.The materials are all composite materials. And then molded once at high temperature molding.
This resin SMC manhole cover is made of glass fiber and resin as the basic materials and a curing agent as the auxiliary material. Its weight is two-thirds lighter than cast iron manhole covers, and its service life is more than 20 years, which is twice that of cast iron manhole covers, and the price is only 80% of that of cast iron manhole covers. At the same time, this manhole cover also has the characteristics of insulation, no noise, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance.
Easy Installation and Beautiful Appearance: The weight of Manhole Cover is only a third of cast iron in same specification, It is convenient to installation and checking. Also we can produce Manhole Cover with different specification and color. It is beautify and you can easy to manage too.
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