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The Performance Of Composite Trench Cover

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Due to the advantages of trench cover, it has been widely used in various fields and solved many problems for people. For better application, let's understand the characteristics of ditch cover plate.
Trench cover usually refers to the trench cover made of steel grid plate, sometimes it can also be used as cover plate. At present, there are various specifications and models of trench cover plate on the market to meet the requirements of different groups of people for crossing load. Many municipal road projects and garden facilities in many cities have begun to use trench covers. The reason is that it has a beautiful appearance and a sense of design. The features of trench cover plate are simple design lines, generous fashion. The leakage area is as high as 80%, which is more than twice that of cast iron. When we use the composite trench cover, we will find that it has a strong anti rust ability, and the maintenance and replacement cost is relatively small. However, the trench cover plate is made of composite material, which has no recycling value and has anti-theft function naturally.
In the application process of trench cover plate, it can be used in municipal road engineering, residential buildings, schools, gymnasium and many other fields. Many factories will also consider the use of trench cover plate in the plant construction planning to achieve better drainage effect. It is not difficult to find that the ditch cover plate can be combined with steel grid plate. In the case of large traffic volume, many wharfs or buildings tend to use ditch cover for drainage. There are a lot of people on the sidewalk or the road. They also use ditch covers to carry the road.
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The above is about the characteristics of trench cover plate. Due to its high bearing capacity, long service life, stable and reliable quality, good wear resistance and weather resistance, and long service life, special attention must be paid to the correct construction method in the construction process to avoid unnecessary trouble.
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