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750mm With Hinge Composite Manhole Cover Made By High Quality Materials

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Using polymer synthetic materials, with patent formula, through high temperature molding, higher detection results up to more than 90 tons, in accordance with and according to the city engineering
Process design includes classification, coloring, abrasion resistance, noise free, strong bearing capacity, easy installation, impact resistance, bending strength, breakage safety and anti-aging.
Compared with similar products (such as cast iron, cement manhole cover, etc.), it has better technology and practicality; the relief layer adopts wear-resistant and weather resistant materials, so that the products can meet the requirements in different environments
Long term use.
Features of manhole cover:
(1) Environmental protection: the raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, and will not affect users.
(2) Saving mineral resources: saving the application of cast iron.
(3) Long life: acid and corrosion resistance, rust, insulation, wear resistance, weather resistance, excellent compression resistance.
(4) Competitive price: the composite manhole cover is lower than the standard cast iron.
(5) Light weight: the weight is 1 / 3, which is lighter than cast iron. It is convenient for transportation, installation, repair, construction and labor force reduction.
(6) Beautiful appearance: long life, rich color, the cover is not sprayed with paint. But the color of all materials can last for a long time. The clean and smooth surface accords with the beauty of lawn surface.
(7) Anti theft: no recycling, anti-theft at any time, lock accessories can prevent the loss of tunnel products, so the city black hole can be completely stopped.
(8) Low noise: heavy vehicles can prevent harsh noise and shaking.
(1) Heavy duty manhole cover is suitable for motor vehicle lane, municipal pipeline, communication, power supply and water supply engineering.
(2) The general type manhole cover is suitable for motor vehicle lane below grade 10, municipal administration, communication, power supply, water supply and other projects.
(3) Light duty manhole cover is suitable for sidewalk, park, square, green belt, municipal pipeline and other projects.
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