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The Addvantages Of Composite Cable Cover

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The cable cover mainly depends on the bearing capacity and compressive strength of the board. Before, the cable cover was made of concrete. However, with the development trend of scientific and technological progress, the cable trench cover of composite materials is now created, and its bearing capacity and compressive strength are much stronger than that of cement pressure plate. The advantages of cable cover plate must not only have a certain bearing capacity, but also a certain degree of tightness. This is because the better the tightness of the cable is, the better the defensive performance of the cable is. Therefore, the maintenance of the cable is a sealed cable cover plate, which is not easy to damage the cable.
The stronger the anti-wear force of cable cover is, the less damage the airtightness of cable cover is. Therefore, the anti-wear force maintains the tightness of cable cover and the damage of cable. In addition, from the wear resistance of cable cover, the reason why the composite material is better is that it can also be applied in the strong acid alkali natural environment. Only it is the quality of the back cover plate of the cable trench. The quality of the good cover plate of the cable trench is a long time, but the rear cover plate of the cable trench is generally used in all places to clarify the actual specifications and application scenarios.
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