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According to the types of pipelines, manhole covers can be divided into rainwater, sewage, gas, power supply, communications etc. which are mostly set in underground pipelines of road engineering.
The manhole covers can be divided into: heavy duty manhole covers(for road traffic and heavy vehicles); light duty manhole covers(for public road traffic and light vehicles).
According to the material can be divided into: cast iron manhole cover; resin composite material manhole cover.
Cast iron manhole cover has the advantages of high strength, good rigidity, impact resistance and corrosion resistance, but it can not solve the problem of anti-theft. In addition, when the vehicles passes by,the manhole cover is prone to jump, dynamic and static, and the noise is high at night.
Although the resin composite manhole cover will change when the temperature is high and the vehicle is rolling continuously. However, the resin manhole cover is made of composite materials with good rigidity and high load capacity. Relying on the advantages of materials and technology, it occupies the mainstream of the market.
The mechanical properties of the resin are effectively improved, especially the plasticity and toughness, so that the strength of the resin is higher than that of carbon steel. The tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of resin manhole cover are much lower than steel, but the compressive strength is equivalent to steel.
The resin manhole cover can prevent noise and meet the requirements of environmental protection. Our company's resin manhole cover, resin manhole cover each set of products are processed through three procedures, so that the contact surface of resin manhole cover and well ring is zero, so that the two can be seamless, so as to eliminate the noise generated by vehicles passing by. A new design concept is adopted in the design of the new five prevention resin manhole cover. When the vehicle passes through the resin manhole cover, it does not hit the manhole cover, but hits the edge of the well ring for the first time to prevent the overall sinking of the manhole cover.
resin manhole cover
Hardness requirements. A certain surface hardness can prevent burr on the drilling surface, but too hard will wear the drill bit;
High thermal conductivity is required, which can quickly remove the heat generated in the drilling process and reduce the temperature of the bit;
When drilling, it is necessary to have certain rigidity to prevent plate vibration and certain elasticity. The drill bit will deform immediately at the moment of drilling contact, so that the drill bit can accurately align with the drilling position and ensure the accuracy of drilling position.
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