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Round Type 993mm Composite Manhole Cover With High Strength

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This product is a high-strength composite manhole cover, which is composed of manhole cover, well seat and sealing rubber ring. The damping rubber ring can reduce the vibration, improve the driving comfort and have a certain degree of sealing. The manhole cover is equipped with a special locking structure, which can only be opened by a special opening tool to prevent the car from overturning and jumping when passing on the manhole cover. The manhole cover is mainly used in urban trunk roads, freight stations, logistics parks, gas stations and other places. Its bearing capacity can reach the D400 level of GB / t23858-2009, and can pass 80 tons. Its characteristics are: strong toughness, high load-bearing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and flame retardant, impact resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. The prominent feature is that the material has no recycling value and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft, which can effectively guarantee the traffic safety of the road.
Over 15years experience of covers. We design and engineer special composite manhole covers, trench covers, telecom cable cover and underground products with high strength, light weight, safety and durable performance as special project needs.
composite manhole cover
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