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Round Type 900mm Petrol Station Composite Manhole Cover

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At present, most gas station manhole covers are made of composite materials. The reason is that the safety of this material is high, which can meet the requirements of gas station in this special area. Zibo best energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. has been established for 16 years, focusing on the research and development and production of gas station manhole cover, providing strong guarantee for urban construction.
composite manhole cover
Features of gas station manhole cover: the appearance adopts non through hole panel design, which can fully integrate into the surrounding environment and integrate with the road surface, which will not damage the overall appearance of the road; it is safe and convenient: it is light, only 3 / 1 of the weight of cast iron manhole cover; high bearing strength: it adopts arc-shaped structure at the bottom of the pot, and its bearing capacity exceeds the bearing level of other composite manhole covers of the same kind; Wear resistance and insulation: SMC material has the characteristics of insulation and non-conductive, with high safety; corrosion resistance: it can adapt to different climate environment; no noise: molding process, high fit of cover seat, no noise after the vehicle; anti theft: the material has no recycling value, can be naturally anti-theft; the service life is more than 20-30 years.
Quality assurance is our foundation, focus on the safety of manhole cover and protect the reunion of all families
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