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The Difference Of SMC Manhole Cover And BMC Manhole Cover

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1. Load comparison:
BMC manhole cover: suitable for low load, with reinforcement
BMC manhole cover adopts short glass fiber and unsaturated resin. Due to the small toughness and low bearing capacity of short glass fiber, it needs to be combined with reinforcement to enhance the load. Even if the reinforcement is auxiliary, the steel bar is made of metal, which is different from the bending coefficient of composite material. Therefore, even if the reinforcement is added and the load is increased by thickening the panel, the manhole cover can not meet the national standard.
SMC manhole cover: suitable for high load, without reinforcement
SMC manhole cover adopts sheet material long glass fiber to enhance load, without the aid of reinforcement, and can meet the national standard by standard production process.
SMC national standard manhole cover D400 overload 80 tons
SMC manhole cover
2. Use environment comparison:
BMC manhole cover is suitable for sidewalk, green belt, non motor vehicle lane and other areas.
SMC covers are suitable for freight stations, main roads, highways, gas stations and other areas.
FRP composite manhole cover material has no recycling value, put an end to the phenomenon of stolen sewer cover, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-static, flame retardant, high strength, long service life and other characteristics. In addition, it is light, easy to install and low transportation cost. FRP SMC manhole cover is rapidly replacing those heavy and non environmental protection traditional well covers, and has broad development prospects.
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