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National Standard Composite Manhole Cover Molded By High Materials Steel

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In recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of domestic economy and the acceleration of urbanization construction, manhole cover is an indispensable facility in urban construction and road construction. Cast iron manhole cover has been gradually replaced by composite resin manhole cover, for the following reasons:
1. The material of resin well cover is more environmentally friendly: the material of resin manhole cover is more environmentally friendly, which can reduce iron ore mining, save natural resources and protect the ecological environment;
2. Resin manhole cover is more light: the raw material used in composite polymer resin well cover is much lighter than cast iron well cover, which is equivalent to one third of its weight. Raw material reserve, production process, logistics and transportation, installation and maintenance links can save human, material and financial resources. Saving resources is capital saving;
3. Composite manhole cover anti-theft: we should have seen from various media that some pedestrians fell into the sewer with missing manhole cover, causing injury, and even in the rainstorm, someone fell into the place where the manhole cover was missing and was washed away by water, resulting in a more serious situation. Composite resin manhole cover has no recycling value, unlike iron castings can be recycled, so as to reduce the theft of manhole covers and reduce the occurrence of similar incidents;
4. The quality of GB composite covers is good: national standard and European standard (EN124:1994) products have anti-aging indexes of more than three, with a service life of thirty years.
5. Good sealing performance, no noise: composite manhole cover is a product produced by high temperature molding, with better sealing performance, which eliminates the noise problems of cast iron products such as "running, jumping and noise".
6. High strength: the product has the characteristics of compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, and not easy to deform. The product has high strength and can maintain stable performance between - 50 ℃ and 150 ℃ above zero;
7. Not afraid of corrosion and alkalization: the stability of the product has been tested and tested by national chemical building materials. It has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and has obvious advantages over iron castings in practical application.
Therefore, the composite resin manhole cover will have a larger market in the future, and its advantages will be known by more and more people. To choose products, we must choose national standard products, with guaranteed quality and longer service life.
There are a variety of mold models: diameter of 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm can be made according to the needs of mold production or open panel production, good mold material can do the product well, in the mold customization, we should select the appropriate die steel according to the production quantity of the product, and some molds will warpage when a certain number of molds are achieved The thimble will also bend, and the mold needs to be repaired, which will cost a certain amount of time and maintenance cost. Only a good mold can make a good product
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