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Reasons For Surface Roughness Of Composite Trench Cover

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The composite trench cover has brought a lot of convenitence to perople's life. Its own characteristics are strong corrosion resistance, magnetic insulation, natural anti-theft, weather resistance, high load capacity and easy to install. Trench cover has been widely used in all walks of life at home and abroad. It is mainly used for industrial platform, railway bridge side road, high-altitude tower platform, trench cover place, manhole cover, road block, three-dimensional parking lot, school, factory, enterprise, sports ground, garden villa, etc., and can also be used as the external window of residential building, balcony guardrail, highway railway guardrail, etc It can play an important role in the environment. Such as marine areas, hot and humid areas prone to rust, high altitude exposure areas, corrosion prone areas, such as electroplating plant, chemical plant, cooling tower, wharf engineering, power plant and sewage treatment plant.
The uneven surface of the composite trench cover may be caused by technical operation. In the operation process, if the glass fiber yarn can be evenly distributed, then there is a problem with the resin. For example, the addition of thinner is relatively small, resulting in high viscosity of the resin and easy to cause curing. In terms of raw material configuration, more attention should be paid to the addition of various additives and additives in strict accordance with relevant standards.
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In terms of operation technology, some enterprises will reduce the number of layers of glass fiber yarn to speed up the production. However, if the number of glass fiber yarn is reduced, the performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic trench cover will not meet the requirements, and the surface distribution will be uneven. The trench cover plate is an economical and lightweight type, which conforms to the specification of fixed platform, corridor and staircase specified in this standard. It is an ideal product in the case of small spans, even under the load of transport equipment corridors. It can also be used as warehouse shelf, stand panel, trestle, protective fence, solar screen, etc. Drawing is a delicate work, which requires the operator to be very careful and has a certain operation sequence.
In the next process, the paint surface of the composite trench cover is not completely dry. The trench cover is used to make steel structure platform, trench cover , steel ladder step board, building ceiling, etc. if the surface paint is not dry, after the surface paint is completely dry, the uneven color will disappear naturally. Generally, this kind of situation appears in winter, and certainly not in summer when it is sunny.
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