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The Application of Composite Materials

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Compared with traditional materials, composite materials have many advantages, such as high specific strength, light weight, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance and vibration reduction performance. Each component of the composite plays a synergistic role in the performance, and has superior comprehensive properties that can not be compared with a single material. Therefore, in the automotive industry, composite materials are widely used in the design and manufacture of car body, lamp housing cover, front and rear guard board, bumper, leaf spring, seat frame and drive shaft.
composite manhole cover
Three principles should be paid attention to in the design of composite materials in automobile industry
1) High specific strength and high specific stiffness;
2) The materials are suitable for the environment;
3) High cost performance. In addition, there are some empirical methods in the design of car body, such as: applying carbon fiber composites in areas with high stress; using plywood composites in areas with high requirements for toughness and stiffness; and using laminates in areas with complex geometry.
The properties of the composite material are suitable for the lightweight requirements of the body and reduce the fuel consumption. The traditional automobile body material is mainly made of thin steel plate, which can not meet the requirements of people's pursuit of high speed and lightweight. In order to reduce its mass, improve the drag coefficient and reduce fuel consumption, many automobile manufacturers actively study and use new materials to meet the above requirements.
Many types of composite materials have been used in the lightweight process of automobile body, and show their talents in the process of automobile lightweight. The development trend of composite materials is to extend the service life and renewable direction.
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