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Performance of High Quality Resin Manhole Cover

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Composite resin SMC manhole cover is a kind of high-quality SMC composite material added with filler ratio, which is produced by professional process, so that the produced manhole cover has stronger mechanical properties after molding. SMC resin manhole cover is mainly used in high load area, with strong toughness, high bearing capacity, strong compression resistance, good resilience, strong corrosion resistance, flame retardant and anti-static. The most prominent feature of SMC resin manhole cover is that it has no recycling value, does not need anti-theft treatment, saves maintenance cost, is light and hard, has stable performance and high mechanical strength, and can replace steel to make machine parts and automobile.
The safety of manhole covers is a fact that we can't ignore. Every year, there are many accidents due to the well cover problem, which is the last thing we want to see. As a successful manhole cover, first of all, its bearing grade must reach the national standard, which is the most basic. In addition, we have also considered the anti-theft design, waterproof design, sealing design and noise problems of the manhole cover. We have also made the following design: setting a locking device on the well cover can effectively solve the problem of the manhole cover turning over and jumping over; with the damping rubber ring, the noise problem of the resin manhole cover passing through the vehicle is solved; the non through hole manhole cover panel can prevent garbage from entering the well to destroy and pollute Equipment: press the sealant strip on the edge of the cover, which greatly improves the sealing and waterproof properties of the well cover. In this way, the safety performance of the well cover has been comprehensively improved. The quality assurance and unique design are the high-quality well covers we need.
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