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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Use 500x700x40mm Trench Cover

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trench cover
trench cover
The application area of the composite trench cover is very extensive. To make a more perfect product, it is to make full use of the favorable conditions of the large environment and its own characteristics. It adopts a polymer composite material and is molded by high temperature.
2. Drainage and water leakage are powerful, corrosion resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and can be applied to special areas.
3. The material itself has no secondary use value, so there is no need to worry about theft when using the ditch cover. This is its outstanding feature.
The trench cover is mainly suitable for the drainage system on both sides of the road. It is made of high-strength SMC and BMC materials, which is more robust and firm, ensuring the safety of parking the vehicle and effectively preventing safety hazards. The 30% flow surface design of the surface of the manhole cover makes the drainage more smooth, effectively avoiding poor water and drainage of the road area.
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, which is one of the largest composite manhole cover manufacturer in China, specializing in producing and supplying composite manhole cover,trench cover and drain grating. Our products are strictly produced according to the BS EN124 and have obtained various kinds of certificates. Till now, our competitive products not only have good market in domestic, but also owned a large overseas market with a high reputation.
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