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Installation Technology of Trench Cover

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1. We need to carry out on-site measurement, that is, the technical personnel should carry out the positioning datum line of the setting out ditch according to the plan and the manual, and carry out the field measurement to ensure that the size of the drainage trench cover is consistent with the field size. In addition, we should actually guide the construction personnel to strictly follow the measurement.
The second step is cleaning. The workers shall clean the side walls and the corners of the drainage cover at a high place. Clean up the sundries, sundries and sludge inside.
2. The next step is to install the trench cover. First of all, I want to remind you that the modification of trench cover should be arranged in advance according to the actual size of the drainage ditch you want to install. After customization, it is sent to the drainage ditch. It's better to stack at a fixed point, which is convenient for installation and not easy to lose. After the completion of the trench cover, the construction personnel who install the cover plate of the drainage ditch shall carry out inspection. Clean up the concrete left at that time. Some uneven places shall be uneven to ensure that the installation base of trench cover plate is flat. After that, the construction personnel shall carry out the installation to make the installed drain cover flat and not swing.
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3. It can be used normally after installation. Now I will introduce the installation of the precautions! First of all, I have already introduced it. We have to check in advance to make sure there is no rubbish. At the same time, the base of the drainage cover plate installed at the same time shall be stable, and the groove surface on both sides shall be flat and stable. Second, the size must be measured on site and constructed according to the standard size of drawings. The construction personnel shall not modify the size without permission in the construction process, otherwise accidents may occur. Finally, it should be noted that the trench cover of the drainage should be reserved according to the actual size of the installed drainage cover.
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