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BMC Trench Cover 400x500x40mm Green Color With Corrosion Resistance

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Trench cover is an essential covering material for urban drainage system. Rainwater and sewage on the road can enter the underground drainage cover through the trench cover. Its function is to speed up the ground drainage speed, so that we can travel safely in rainy and snowy weather. However, most of the trench covers on the market are made of quartz sand. The cover with sand is very unsafe due to its large weight, high brittleness and poor quality. Especially in the area passing by cars, it can not be used. However, many people choose this kind of poor trench cover for the sake of small and cheap, and the consequences will be unimaginable.
BMC trench cover
Zibo best energy-saving material Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of national standard quality trench cover. It does not add quartz sand and other fillers that affect the product performance, focusing on safety. According to the performance of resin, it constantly optimizes the product, and develops a safer and heavier resin trench cover. The particularity of material is also the advantage of promoting development, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and flame retardant, anti-static, no recycling value, natural anti-theft.
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