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What Are The Functons of Compound Manhole Cover Products

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Now we are no stranger to composite manhole covers. You can see them when you walk in the community or go out to the supermarket. It also shows from the side how popular composite covers are. Now there are many kinds of well covers in the market, how to choose the manufacturer of compound manhole covers is very important. Many manufacturers promise that if there is a problem, the customer can carry out free maintenance. In the process of using, if there are some technical problems, they can also directly consult customer service.
In the past, there have been cases of stolen manhole covers, but recently, we seldom hear of such cases, mainly because of the installation of anti-theft manhole covers. When the cast iron manhole cover is produced, the manhole cover and the well ring are locked as a whole, which is easy to open. The iron chain and hinge can be broken by using the steel drill rod; Although the well cover and well circle can be locked as a whole, the requirements for matching space and accuracy are high. A new well cover needs to be cast to match with it. The existing well cover can not be reconstructed and used, which costs a lot of money and can not solve the problem of "rust proof death". The well cover can not be opened by itself for half a year or so and can not be put into operation.
In the sewer cover around the parking lot, pay attention not to park on the manhole cover when parking. Lighting is required for night walk. In those places where there is no street light or dark, turn on the lights of the mobile phone at night, and make sure it is safe before passing through. In the 1970s, many people suffered from the noise of well covers and asked to solve the problem of "noisy well covers". And the compound well cover is blocked with bolts and nuts, but as long as the two ends of a curved iron wire are inserted into the two grooves under the bolt head, the well cover can be opened and taken away; as long as the reverse rotation is in place, the well cover can be opened and taken away.
Specific installation and use advantages of composite manhole cover
Excellent corrosion resistance. One of the characteristics of FRP is its good corrosion resistance. According to the working conditions, different kinds of resins and suitable molding technology can be selected to produce FRP products resistant to various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents. Specifically, it includes replacing the decompression well cover, setting up cameras to monitor the well cover status, setting up ladders in the sewer to escape the danger of falling pedestrians, setting up the water manhole cover information and damage monitoring system, etc. The pressure test can be conducted before or after the pipeline backfilling, and the pipeline shall be covered with soil at a certain interval. Especially for the serpentine pipeline, the pipeline shall be fixed in place during the pressure test.
compound manhole cover
When installing the composite well cover on the asphalt pavement, it is necessary to avoid the construction machinery directly rolling the well cover and well seat to avoid damage. When the pavement is cast as a whole, holes slightly larger than the well base shall be reserved on the pavement and placed after the asphalt is paved. The composite cover is mainly made of polymer as the matrix material, mainly unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, and a variety of materials are composite modified.
Anti theft screw and shock absorption sealing rubber ring can be installed: 1. Specially designed groove and sealing ring can be used to ensure the sealing of well cover, reduce passing noise and improve driving comfort. 2. Correct the well circle to make it flat and close to the composite well cover. The original uneven well circle is planed by lathe processing. No matter what kind of product you buy, in addition to its quality, price is also the key. Compound manhole cover is a popular product in recent years, which accounts for a large proportion of new building materials. Its popularity is inseparable from urban economic construction. But why is the price different for the compound well cover with the same appearance? What factors determine the price of the compound well cover? The connection part of the resin well cover flange should be exposed to check for leakage.
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