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Main Differences Between Resin Composite Manhole Cover And Cable Cover

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The company's high-strength composite inspection manhole cover is a new type of environmental protection product, which is made of unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, reinforced bar as the auxiliary, and anti-theft resin manhole cover after high temperature molding. The product integrates new technology, new material and new technology, and greatly breaks through many shortcomings of traditional manhole cover products. It is a substitute product for cast iron and cement manhole cover.
Long service life: through the use of high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the permeability of resin in glass fiber is ensured, and the adhesion between the two is greatly enhanced, so that the material will not produce internal damage under the cyclic load, thus ensuring the service life of the product, as well as the same advantages of other resin composite manhole covers. The disadvantages of poor adhesion are eliminated.
Main differences between resin cover plate and resin manhole cover:
1. The resin cover plate and the resin material manhole cover are made of the same material and the same production process. Our products guarantee the quality and green resin well cover. Please feel free to purchase.
Firstly, the circular resin well covers are mostly used in rainwater wells, new resin well covers and sewage wells, while the resin manhole covers are mostly used in cable trench covers.
The shape of the two is different. Most of the resin manhole covers are round, while most of the resin manhole covers are square type.
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