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FRP Sealed Manhole Cover Heavy Duty Round Type 700mm

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It shall be 700mm in diameter sealed manhole cover, high-strength SMC well cover and FRP composite well cover
As a necessary covering material for urban construction, well cover is used to cover the wellhead, protect the cable equipment in the well and protect the safety of pedestrians outside the well.
The high-strength SMC well cover produced in zibo best energy-saving materials co., ltd. has the following characteristics:
1. Light weight, mainly made of composite resin, which is one third of the traditional cast iron manhole cover.
2. Beautiful style and good visual effect. The FRP manhole cover can be colored according to the customer's requirements. It is not simply applied on the surface of the manhole cover, but contained in the unsaturated resin. The pigment permeates the resin well and is not easy to fall off and desalinate.
3. High strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and flame retardant, good compression resistance, long service life.
4. The anti-theft effect is good, the material has no recycling value, and there will be no theft.
5. The sealing effect is good. The sealing rubber ring can be installed on the base, which can reduce the passing noise and improve the sealing performance of the manhole cover.
With the development of urban construction, the demand for frp manhole covers is increasing. As a well cover manufacturer, we should strictly control the quality, ensure the quality and safety of well covers, and ensure the safety of road traffic.
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