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340x500 Gas Station Heavy Duty Trench Cover

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As one of the main building materials of urban drainage system, trench cover plate plays a very important role. Carry out quick drainage work in rainy and snowy weather, reduce traffic jams and flood disasters, so as to ensure that we can travel normally in rainy and snowy weather. It is not only used on roads and streets, but also in gas stations and oil depots
Composite trench cover must be used in special areas. It has the functions of insulation, fire resistance and anti-static. It can reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents. It is a kind of trench cover with high safety.
Zibo BEIST energy saving materials Co., Ltd. has been established for 15 years. It focuses on the research and production of composite materials products, mainly engaged in composite manhole covers, rainwater grates, heavy-duty ditch covers, tree protection boards, cable covers, drainage ditches and other products. Long term supply of building materials such as manhole covers with PetroChina, Sinopec and other gas stations to ensure the quality of products, but also constantly develop new products to meet the market demand.
The commonly used gas station trench covers are 340x500x60mm / 350x500x60mm, which are easy to cut in the long and short directions and easy to install; the production process is simple, the construction period is short, which can be mass produced, and the size and style can be customized to meet the special needs of the installation environment.
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