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Customized Composite Manhole Cover Products And Product Application Instructions

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Composite manhole cover is a kind of manhole cover made of various composite materials. Its manufacturing process is different from that of cast iron manhole cover. For example, carbon fiber manhole cover is mainly used to improve the strength and load performance of manhole cover. We generally know that there are many existing states of carbon element. Due to the different arrangement of atomic structure, its physical properties are also different.
Let's take a look at its specific production process. First of all, the waste plastics and other raw materials are crushed into small pieces, and then the appropriate proportion of fly ash is added to them. Then the mixed raw materials are heated, and the raw materials are stirred at the same time of heating, so that the proportion of raw materials with different components is even. The next step is to fill the processed raw materials into the special manhole cover mold, and put the well cover mold on the press for pressing and pressure maintaining, so as to form the manhole cover. 
After completion, the well cover is put into the curing furnace for heating and forming treatment, and the heating and curing process is usually between 1 and 3 hours. Finally, take out the mold together with the well cover, so far, our environmental protection manhole cover has been manufactured.
composite manhole cover
So what is the specific function of this feature of composite manhole cover in practical application?
Because of the characteristics of composite well cover and resin manhole cover, it has played a good role in environmental protection. This is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the acquisition of raw materials, because the raw materials of the composite manhole cover use a large number of waste materials, thus saving huge waste material processing costs. On the other hand, because the composite well cover mainly uses the change of temperature and pressure in the production process to achieve the goal, thus avoiding the air pollution caused by a large number of chemical reactions. Of course, no industrial production can achieve zero pollution, how to reduce and reduce pollution is the most realistic solution. With the increasing demand of well cover products, how to reduce the pollution in the production process has become a more important course.
The application scope of manhole cover includes:
1. Domestic / industrial drainage: applied to rainwater and sewage pipelines.
2. Water supply: it is used in tap water, fire control engineering, etc.
3. Heating and heating: it is applied to the heating arm line.
4. Power supply communication: used for power supply cable, telecommunication engineering, telephone, communication cable pipeline.
5. Landscaping: applied to the supporting comprehensive pipeline.
6. Gas: used in gas engineering, natural gas pipeline, etc.
7. Street lighting: applied to power supply, lighting, cable routes
The specifications and models of zibo best energy-saving materials co., ltd. customizable manhole covers are: manhole covers (unit: mm): 300, 300x300, 300x300x25, 400X400, 400x600, 450x750, 500, 500x30, 500x500, 600, 600x600x25, 650, 650X500, 650x650x25, 655x655x50, 690, 700, 700x40, 700x50, 700x700x35, 750, 860x940, 900, 993, 1000X1000, complying with the international standards: en124 Domestic: manhole cover gb23858-2009, grade: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600
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