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Safety and Performance of Composite Sewage Manhole Cover

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In order to ensure the stability and safety of the composite well cover, it must be controlled from all aspects and constructed in strict accordance with the design drawings. The following places are generally required to be controlled.
The removal of the ditch body formwork shall be carried out slowly to avoid damaging the side ditch corners. After the formwork is removed, it shall be covered with felt or geotextile in time and kept healthy. In order to ensure normal use, pay attention to the installation quality, not only to ensure the accuracy of the size, but also to ensure that the opening is convenient, clean and beautiful.
When installing the composite cover and pouring the concrete side ditch, the vibration shall be uniform, and it is not suitable to vibrate in the same place for a long time, and attention shall be paid to the cleaning and washing of the missed concrete on the road surface, and the road surface shall not be polluted.
During the construction of soil side ditch, it is required to control the plane position, elevation and flow direction of side ditch in strict accordance with the construction design drawings.
Compared with the traditional cast iron cover, the composite cover made of new composite material has good safety performance, mainly in the following aspects:
composite sewage cover
The compound well cover can effectively reduce the noise. As cast iron covers are mainly made of metal, when vehicles pass by, the covers will generate noise and disturb nearby residents. The composite cover solves this problem well.
Compared with the special products of the same specification, the weight of the composite cover is only one third of that of the cast iron cover, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
The new composite sewage composite well cover adopts new reinforced support, even under the destructive load, it will not appear crushing phenomenon.
It can be seen from the above content that the high performance and high stability of composite well covers are also of practical significance for reducing the construction of roads
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