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The Difference Between Traditional Tree Grating And Resin Tree Grate

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Tree grating is a kind of common road green covering board. It is commonly used in tree pits in streets, parks, communities, botanical gardens, campuses, cultural streets, etc. to protect trees, prevent soil erosion, and prevent pedestrians from trampling on trees. 
1. Metal material: this material has high bearing capacity and stable quality, but we know that the metal is easy to be corroded and exposed to humid air for a long time. Moreover, the security and anti-theft measures are poor. Because of the high recovery value, it is easy to be stolen. Therefore, the installation and fixing work is rather troublesome, which needs to be handled layer by layer, and the tree protection board needs to be maintained regularly, with high comprehensive cost.
2. Wood plastic tree protection board:The general service life is only about one or two years. Suitable for use in residential areas.
3.Resin tree protection board: select high-quality composite materials, after one-time molding at high temperature, the material has no recycling value; the color and brand can be customized, the material is light, easy to install, and the brand can be engraved with the company name, tree care slogan, etc.; the appearance is smooth and beautiful, the color inside and outside is uniform, not fade, not discolor, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-static, etc With strong design, it can carry out diversified design according to the user's drawings, and the quality and bearing capacity can meet the use standards.
resin tree grating
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