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What Are The Avantages Of Composite Anti-Theft Round Manhole Cover

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The composite material of composite well cover is composed of two or more materials with different properties, which have new properties by physical or chemical methods. All kinds of materials learn from each other in performance and produce synergistic effect, which makes the comprehensive performance of composite materials better than that of raw materials and meet various requirements.
Product advantage
(1) Recycling value - product can not be recycled, completely solve the problem of anti-theft
(2) High bearing capacity - the bearing capacity of cast iron is exceeded by the national building material quality inspection department (silicon plastic failure load is 415kn; cast iron is 360kn)
(3) Energy saving - using two major black and white pollution, saving a lot of metal resources
(4) Long service life - no crack after 2 million fatigue impact tests
(5) good corrosion resistance and weather resistance - never rust, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, fire protection and anti-aging.
(6) No noise rebound - no stabbing noise and rebound when the car is rolled
(7) Decorative - can be artistic design colors and iconic patterns
composite anti-theft round manhole cover
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