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What Is The Specification Of The Manhole Cover

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The sewage well cover is very important in the municipal well cover series, because the water in the sewage well is dirty sewage, so the safety degree of the well cover is very important. Only qualified sewage well cover can fully meet the use requirements, then what is the specification of the sewage well cover??
In fact, in the current situation of use, in fact, the size of the well cover is a variety of types, rather than a single. Generally, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm are common, and many are used.. but it is still the type of 600mm. However, some of them are about 550mm, and the utilization rate is also relatively high. However, regardless of the size of the standard, the selection requirements are based on the load and the use environment, so the use of any well cover is not optional.
The factors influencing the selection of size and specification are as follows:
On the one hand, the country has very strict requirements for the use of well covers. There are several different types of single-layer, composite and cast iron in the selection of types. But according to the relevant regulations, the selection of well cover type is actually strict, for example, the type of well cover used by green belt and sidewalk is different, mainly because the number of people entering and leaving these places is different, and whether there are vehicles passing by, the traffic flow is also different, so it is not surprising that there will be differences in the selection of well cover.
composite manhole cover
On the other hand, the standard of well cover size is different in China or other countries.. in China, the size and use requirements of manhole cover are governed by specific laws and regulations, while in other countries, the use of well cover is also regulated, regardless of size or material, but does not meet the requirements of China. Therefore, the selection of well cover size or the standard of use, in fact, are often very different in different hell, can not be unified.
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