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What Are The Characteristics of Composite SMC Well Cover

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However, in recent years, with the development of the city, there are more and more kinds of well covers. The well covers that should have reached the national standard are now continuously reducing the cost and reducing the quality due to the price problem, resulting in a mixed market and uneven quality of well covers. The national standard well covers have become a high-rise product. SMC heavy well cover as a representative of composite well cover, what are its characteristics we should pay attention to?
1. The anti-theft performance must be mentioned. At present, among all kinds of well cover building materials, resin composite well cover is absolutely a very popular one. Because the resin material is thermosetting and has no value of recycling, it fundamentally solves the problem that the well cover is always stolen.
2. In line with the current environmental protection requirements, the resin composite well cover is non-toxic and tasteless, corrosion-resistant, insulated and anti-static, and the gap between the cover and seat is relatively small, so there will be no harsh noise problems when passing the car, so the resin well cover belongs to the environmental protection well cover, and there will be no problems harmful to human health.
3. Light in texture, simple in installation and maintenance. The resin well cover with the same bearing capacity is much lighter than other well covers. It is convenient for workers to install and maintain, and it is well received by municipal engineering, mobile communication, State Grid and other departments.
4. The safety factor is high. The safety factor depends on the material properties of the products. The safety factors of the manhole cover are improved obviously due to the safety factors such as compression, bending, impact resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance of the composite covers.
5. With high cost performance and strong designability, we can design the corresponding size, specification, style, color, pattern and signboard according to the different needs of users. Once the products are matched with the infrastructure in place, the overall image will be more beautiful and generous, and it is easier to combine with the surrounding environment. The SMC well cover has a long service life, and the features of non recyclable make the maintenance and integration of the project Ben lowered.
All in all, the national standard heavy well cover is SMC composite well cover.
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