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What's The Load Bearing Capacity of Composite SMC Sewer Cover

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Composite sewer cover
Material: no recycle value(nature anti-theft), anti-corrosion resistance, anti-static......
The surface of manhole cover:
Antiskid design, stainless steel screw lock, no vent hole and rubber gasket.
composite sewer lock

The prominent feature of composite sewer cover is that it is made of polymer composite material and has no recycling value. It plays a natural role in preventing theft. The problem of urban black holes caused by theft manhole cover will be solved.
The load bearing capacity:
Strictly in accordiance with the standard of ISO9001, EN124 and GB23858 to produce manhole cover, telecom cable cover, trench cover and gully grating. A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900 load level.
Easy Installation and Beautiful Appearance: The weight of Manhole Cover is only a third of cast iron in same specification, It is convenient to installation and checking. Also we can produce Manhole Cover with different specification and color.
High Precision: Our Manhole Cover is shaped under high-temperature mould with pressure, and the joint clearance of the cover and frame is small.
Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. always regards product quality as the foundation of enterprise development. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been scientifically and standard managed in strict accordance with the modern enterprise model, and has developed and produced a series of high-quality composite tree grate according to the needs of the market. The products have been boldly developed and innovated, and the products have won good reputation in the industry.
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