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Application Scope of FRP Grating

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1. Water treatment: Inspection walkway, trench cover plate, large container, detergent, protective fence, water tank, biochemical water treatment reward and punishment pool hanger, ventilation window, stair
2. But the laying workshop of the tower stanchion platform: stair plate, control platform, guardrail, double-layer, cover plate, filter screen
3. Oil industry: offshore oil platform textile factory: replaced metal grating and wooden platform, and surrounded by cement floor, bleaching and dyeing tank side, floor, approaching the valve, etc.
44. Transportation industry: platforms, ship decks, walkways, military minesweepers, and stairs
5. Stair scraper, replacing expensive stainless steel, loading floor pulp and processing yard.
6. Floor and floor, floor walkway, humidity area
7. Electronic industry: cover plate, pickling workshop, anti-static grid and cleanliness workshop
8. Perishable floors, stairs, floors, floors and other floors: anti-corruption shelves, decorations, square fountains, foot stands, civil facilities, breeding fences and double-layer
FRP grating
Maiin product: manhole cover, drain cover, gully grating, FRP grating, cable cover and relatived products. Welcome to inquiry!
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