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Resin Landscape Manhole Cover

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As a detail of the city, the landscape manhole cover can be seen everywhere in parks and green areas, residential quarters, and commercial squares, which plays a certain role in displaying the charm of the city and spreading the urban civilization.
However, planting manhole covers as a public environmental facility have been ignored for many years as an important safety issue. Many things are not as simple as they seem, and there are many unknowns behind them. There have been many "manhole cannibalism" incidents, but there are hidden safety hazards in small unremarkable landscape manholes. It is absolutely strange and unscientific that people fall into the sewer while walking down the street. But now it seems that he is really ignorant.
The traditional landscape lawn manhole cover is made of resin, with limited bearing capacity. After time baptism, environmental corrosion, the normal life of the natural environment is about one year, and it cannot bear the weight of humans. Advanced professional production line and complete supporting equipment combined with the advantages of various landscape manhole covers on the market have specially developed a new type of landscape manhole cover-planting manhole cover. It is also known as a grass basin well, a green manhole cover, and an art manhole cover. It combines the advantages of concealed and beautiful anti-theft with resin straw pot covers and the robustness of stainless steel manhole covers. It adopts a new design concept.
The composite material is stamped and formed in one pass without welding. It has zero loss from production to installation, a longer service life, energy saving and environmental protection, resistance to compression and drop, and easy installation.
Characteristics and Advantages of Industry Special Landscape Manhole Cover
1. High strength: 304 high-quality steel is used for one-time stamping without welding.
2. Corrosion resistance: It has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Beautiful appearance: The surface pattern is exquisitely designed, and various flowers and plants can be planted to beautify the urban environment.
4. Light weight: the weight is only about one third of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and repair, which greatly reduces labor intensity.
5, anti-theft: stainless steel invisible manhole cover, natural anti-theft, can completely prevent "urban black hole" accidents.
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