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Why Do Some Construction Use Double-Seal Manhole Covers

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The unique manhole cover seal design of the double-layer manhole cover allows the manhole cover to have a very good anti-seepage effect. The manhole cover uses antistatic material as a carrier, which can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, avoid hidden safety problems, and is safe and durable.
So why do some construction projects use double-layer composite manhole covers?
First, improve the sealing performance of the manhole cover to prevent rainwater leakage.
2. Protect the safety and environmental hygiene of the equipment in the well, and prevent garbage, rainwater, sediment, and damage to the equipment from entering the well.
3. Gas stations belong to high-load areas, and the bearing capacity of composite manhole covers can reach 80-100 tons.
Fourth, the manhole cover must have antistatic effect, which is also one of the necessary conditions for installation at the gas station.
Fifth, the material has no recycling value, has natural anti-theft characteristics and will not attract the attention of thieves.
6. Some manhole covers are not all double-layered. Double-layer manhole covers are only selected if the equipment in the well needs safety protection. This will more effectively protect the safety of domestic equipment and the anti-leakage effect of the manhole covers.
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