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The Characteristics of Cable Cover Products And Advantages

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With the rapid development of China's economy and urban infrastructure, the demand for various types of new building materials is also increasing. The state's investment in public facilities is costly, urban reconstruction and the construction of new wires, cables, and optical cables into the ground in the open air have increased the demand for composite cable covers. As an auxiliary facility of urban cable trenches, the cable trench cover materials have been made of cast iron and cement for a long time. Affects the use safety, and the service life is short.
According to the characteristics of the cable trench cover (/) products, the use of new high-end composite materials widely promoted internationally, the development and production of enhanced thermosetting composite cable trench covers completely overcome many of the other defects of the cover. The product can be applied to different regions, different conditions and different developments
Demand, has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and flame retardancy, high strength, easy installation and so on.
1. Good anti-theft properties: This product uses polymer composite materials. It is formed by high temperature molding, because it has no secondary use value, and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft.
2. Convenient and beautiful: products with the same specifications weigh only one third of the cast iron cover, which brings convenience to installation, inspection and maintenance, and produces products of various specifications and colors according to customer requirements, which even beautify the city even in management.
3, long life: not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, no rust, electrical insulation, wear resistance, weather resistance.
4. High accuracy: As the product is molded by high temperature molding, the gap between the cover and the joint is small, which overcomes the problems of "running, jumping, and ringing" of cast iron and cement cable trench covers. It is widely used in new factory buildings and power distribution. Cable trench cover for rooms.
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