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Where Can The Trench Cover Be Used

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Trench cover plate is our common gutters cover building materials, the role is to drain water, to ensure the road without water phenomenon. Not only on the road can be seen in chemical plants, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, food factories, garden facilities, residential areas, sports venues and other places. Resin composite materials production of drain cover plate has the following other material irreplaceable advantages: first of all material no recycle value, has the natural security features, and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, high and low temperature, can be used in damp environment, or in a large area of temperature difference and large drainage area, drainage speed, working in the rain and snow weather for quick drainage, compound ditch cover plate size can be customized, can satisfy different span, size, shape, the required load. The resin trench cover plate can also be used in the oil depot of the gas station, bearing more than 50 tons. It belongs to the heavy-duty trench cover plate, and the commonly used size is 350*500*60mm. Along with the development of urban construction, the use of compound ditch cover plate also increased greatly, the user requirements of the quality of product is becoming more and more strict, there are a lot of sand products, constantly affect the quality of the trench cover level, hope that we can realize the sand quality problems of products, not the resin sand ditch cover plate with light strong toughness, fatigue resistance performance is good and bad security, forming superior manufacturability, car running low noise, no corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful wait for an advantage, become the ideal substitutes of cast iron ditch cover plate.
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