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How To Distinguish The Quality of Resin Manhole Cover?

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Everyone knows that the composite resin manhole cover is a kind of special environmental protection and low price. Its performance advantages are also incomparable with other material manhole covers. With the GB / T23858-2009 inspection manhole cover standard issued by the country in 2009, The composite resin manhole cover is a kind of inspection manhole cover, and its characteristics are explained: the use of polymer as a matrix material, the addition of reinforcing materials, fillers, etc., through a certain process composite inspection manhole cover in the market popularity and application. Polymer all-composite manhole covers have the advantages of light weight and high strength, good fatigue resistance, good breakage safety, superior molding process, low rolling noise, non-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, and beautiful appearance. They are an ideal replacement for cast iron manhole covers. Product. After the implementation of this standard on February 1, 2010, the new product quality standards have increased the load requirements of manhole covers and are in line with the internationally accepted EN124 standard.
However, a good manhole cover product is not in the size of the manufacturer, but in the production link, the quality of personnel, whether it is produced in strict accordance with standard specifications, strict control of raw material barriers, a good management quality, and an ethical standard.
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