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why fiberglass composite manhole cover can win the trust of

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With the development of the society, composite manhole covers are known by more and more builders. At present, the types of manhole covers are diversified, such as cast iron manhole covers, cement manhole covers, steel fiber manhole covers, resin composite manhole covers, stainless steel manhole covers and so on. Why fiberglass composite manhole cover can win the trust of the majority of users? As the manhole cover developed with new materials in the new period, it must have enough characteristics and bearing capacity to meet the requirements of the national standard manhole cover. First composite structure stability is strong, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high and low temperature resistance, high bearing capacity, strong corrosion resistance, compression capability is strong, good resilience, the most important material is no recycling value, even there are reinforced, take out the steel also far greater than the cost of steel itself cost, so not happen theft, and composite manhole cover of light weight, convenient installation save Labour, transport costs are lower than other manhole covers. Compound covers can be divided into BMC covers and SMC covers, BMC covers most manufacturers will produce, but SMC covers domestic manufacturers are relatively few, especially can reach the national standard manufacturers, is even less. BMC covers with short glass fiber as the main materials, with steel to enhance the load, the reinforced belongs to metal material, it and bending coefficient of the composite material is distinct, so time is long, the inside of the reinforcement and material will be separated, coupled with the BMC low bearing capacity of the cover, can only be used for green belts, sidewalks, non-motor vehicle driveways and low load area. SMC manhole cover with continuous long glass fiber reinforced material, after high temperature molding, without reinforcement, load can meet the national standard requirements, suitable for gas stations, large farmers' markets, freight stations, docks, logistics parks and other places.
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