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Manufacturing Process Of Manhole Cover And Its Performance

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Vacuum method: The method of vacuuming the product to make the outer surface of the resin manhole cover adsorb to the inner wall of the sizing sleeve and cool the outer diameter. This method is particularly suitable for the extrusion method of the well cover. How can the production process of resin manhole cover be used? The resin manhole cover is made of unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber and other materials as a matrix and is reinforced by a special production process. The material should not be recycled, so it has-- The anti-theft performance is a new type of environmental protection cover.
Now as the use of manhole covers is getting larger and larger, the municipal department] will pay more and more attention to the choice of manhole cover types. Suitable manhole covers have a long service life and low maintenance costs, which will give the Ministry of Municipal Affairs a lot of trouble and finance. In terms of expenditure, the emergence of resin manhole covers has been recognized by the user department in these years of use, and will gradually replace cast iron manhole covers.
High-quality resin manhole cover company, resin manhole cover not only has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, excellent fatigue resistance, good breakage safety, simple molding process, low rolling noise, good corrosion resistance, good alkali resistance, etc. , Heavy, light, can greatly reduce labor intensity in terms of installation, transportation and so on. In addition, it can well solve the problem of theft of cast iron manhole covers and is an ideal substitute for cast iron manhole covers. With the increase of the service life of the cast iron manhole cover with lock, it becomes difficult to open due to corrosion and other reasons. Occurred at the time of theft of cast iron manhole covers in many cities, causing great hidden dangers to urban security;
Custom-made cast iron manhole covers, in order to stabilize the installation of manhole covers and prolong the service life of the manhole covers, when engineers install the manhole covers on the asphalt pavement, care should be taken to avoid direct rolling of the construction machinery as much as possible. When the entire pavement is being poured, holes slightly larger than the manhole cover should be reserved on the pavement and a complete concrete pavement should be installed after the completion of the asphalt pavement. Install after the second stone is laid and compacted.
The manhole cover brickwork should be designed according to the size of the manhole cover designed by the design institute, and its inner diameter or length * width, and the square (if the construction is good according to the actual sample), can also be carried out according to the corresponding standards. When constructing a well, it must be noted that the diameter of the borehole should be the same as the diameter of the borehole cover, and the well cover installed should be flush with the road surface. After installing manhole covers in roads, residential areas and parks, we need to inspect stainless steel manhole covers to see if they are installed securely. We will explain in detail the matters needing attention when checking the installation of the manhole cover.
Make a firm, suitable round wellhead template. The formwork should be easy to install and remove, and the size of the wellhead and the concrete surface should be flat and smooth. When building the wellhead, it should be considered to leave a brick as the fulcrum of the inner mold. The inner mold items should be close to the well cover to prevent slurry leakage. The inner mold should be removed after the two-step concrete is completed. The embedded bolts are made and installed according to design requirements. They can be installed at the same time as the well frame, or they can be installed with mold positioning during the pouring step. The bolts should be placed vertically. The nut should be tightened before the second step. Effective connection with reserved holes in concrete and well frame.
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