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The Competition Of Composite Manhole Cover

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The competitive relationship between manhole covers and manhole covers Of course, there is also a competitive relationship between the manhole cover and the manhole cover. The competition between enterprises is increasingly fierce. Only when there is competition can there be development. The competitive relationship between composite manhole covers and cast iron manhole covers is needless to say, each has its own advantages, each has its own practicality. But what is the competition between composite covers and composite covers? The PK on the competition above price and quality, now the price has become the standard to measure the product, as long as the people who have done sales know, a penny a goods is not a joke, this is the truth, the business will not be stupid to take the high price to scare off customers, will not use the low price to sell good products. Composite covers can be divided into BMC covers and SMC covers. BMC well cover is made of BMC agglomerate as the main material, and is then equipped with steel reinforcement skeleton to form gravity dispersion. Then it is molded by high temperature molding. The material is not recycled, and the steel reinforcement is difficult to be removed. SMC manhole cover with SMC sheet as the main material, without reinforcement reinforcement, the back with a pot bottom structure, so that the bearing capacity can achieve the maximum effect, suitable for high load area. The material has no recycling value and has natural anti-theft characteristics. Compared with traditional materials, composite materials have many advantages, such as high specific strength, light weight, high specific modulus, good anti-fatigue performance and good anti-vibration performance. Each component of the composite material plays a synergistic role in the performance and has a superior comprehensive performance incomparable to that of a single material. The future development trend of SMC covers is to replace BMC covers. SMC covers are completely crushed BMC covers both in terms of bearing capacity and service life. Zibo bester has been focusing on the research, development and production of SMC covers for 15 years. Composite products have been expanded to all walks of life, various fields, SMC material products are gradually increasing the types, not only manhole covers, we have a professional technical team and design solutions, diversified customized services, can also help you to solve the SMC products in various fields of different needs of customization.
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