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What Kind of Manhole Cover Should Be Used In The Community?

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Nowadays, the supporting facilities of the community are more and more complete. There are supermarkets, shops, stadiums, kindergartens, activity areas for the elderly, leisure areas for young people, play areas for children, etc. The entire community is like a Like the big family, the sunrise and the sunset dwell. The busy urban life brings stress and impetuousness to people. Whenever I hear the murmur of the manhole cover, whether my heart is more chaotic. The manhole cover is also part of the big family. What problems does it have?
1. Noise problems, especially at noon and noon, and when the night is quiet, you can hear the sound of the manhole cover, which is extremely clear.
2. Safety issues. Many sewer covers are not equipped with locking devices, and the manhole covers and the base are not hinged, which causes safety problems when the manhole covers are flipped when vehicles pass or pedestrians pass.
3. The problem of sealing. Many people like to throw garbage, cigarette butts, firecrackers and other dangerous objects into the sewer, wellhead, etc. Once the danger occurs, the consequences are unthinkable.
In the cast iron manhole cover shown below, in order to reduce noise, several bicycle tire sheets were plugged between the manhole cover and the base. The effect can be imagined, the appearance is not beautiful, and it is not a long-term solution.
Cast iron manhole cover
Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. As a manufacturer of manhole covers, we must prevent the above problems from occurring and solve the problems fundamentally.
Features of Byster Manhole Cover:
1. With shock-absorbing rubber strips, while reducing the passing noise, it can also improve the driving comfort and not affect the sleep of others.
2. It is equipped with a locking device to improve the safety factor of vehicles and pedestrians, and there will be no dangerous phenomenon of cover jumping or flipping.
3. The cover clearance is small, and there is no through hole on the well cover to prevent pedestrians from throwing dangerous objects into the well and causing safety accidents.
4. The material has no recycling value and has natural anti-theft characteristics, which solves the problem of the theft of cast iron manhole covers.
5, high bearing capacity, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-static, not only suitable for residential areas, but also suitable for gas stations, freight stations, chemical plants and other high-load special areas.
6, size, style, color, pattern, plate can be customized according to customer requirements.
As follow:
manhole cover
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